Reference Projects

Reference Project Examples



Period:  2018-2019


Client: LPA/NPD

Period:  2017


Client: AfDB

Period:  2017

Technical Assistance related to  EIAs in the petroleum sector


The objective of the project is to provide support and provide capacity building to the authorities in Myanmar in the review and approval of oil and gas project proposals, scoping reports and IEE (Initial Environmental Evaluation)  and EIA-reports and in the development of Environmental Compliance Certificates (ECC).


Client: INP/NPD

Period:  2016

Development of cost monitoring framework


To ensure that the host Government will capture the full economic rent from their natural resources, it is essential that the cost of development and operation is minimized.  The objective of the project was to assist Mozambique in the development of adequate Cost Monitoring Framework that will ensure that an effective and efficient cost control can take place.


Client: MEM/NPD

Period:  2015

Plan for Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority (PURA) in Tanzania


The project developed a comprehensive plan for the establishment and capacity development of PURA as the new regulator for the petroleum upstream sub-sector.  The project included an evaluation and recommendation concerning the institutional model for the sector, organisational structure, management systems, ICT strategy, staff requirement, recruitment policy and financing.

Technical and operational guidelines for petroleum activities


The objective of the assignment was to develop the necessary technical and operational guidelines prior to the start of petroleum activities in Lebanon.  The guidelines should mitigate any gaps, omissions or ambiguities in the existing legal framework and cover the petroleum value chain up to the planning of field development.


Client: PEPD/NPD

Period:  2016

Advisory services for the first licensing round


The purpose of the assignment was to provide support and strengthen the capacity of the Government of Uganda in the process of evaluating applications received for the first licensing round.  The project should also conduct training within key aspects related to the negotiations to be conducted between the Government and IOCs prior to license awards.



Period:  2015

Technical Assistance on resource assessment



Through a series of work sessions, Bridge Consult has provided support to petroleum authorities in Ghana in the development of capacity in petroleum resource assessment. The work sessions have

covered seismic interpretation, petrophysical

volume calculation and preparation of resource a account. Support has also been provided for the Jubilee redetermination process.

Harmonisation of Petroleum policies, legal and institutional framework


Financed by the African Development Bank, the scope of the project was to provide recommendations on the harmonisation of petroleum policies, legal, regulatory and institutional framework in the East African Community member states (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and South Sudan).


Client: NOCAL/Deloitte

Period:  2016-17

Technical assistance for energy sector reform in Liberia


In cooperation with Deloitte and financed by the US State Department, Bridge Consult developed a road map for the establishment of the petroleum upstream regulator (LPRA), an institution stipulated by the new law for the petroleum sector.  The project also gave recommendations on a licensing policy and procedures for LPRA to implement the policy.

South Sudan

Client: MPM/NPD

Period:  2009-14

Institutional cooperation program for capacity building of MPM in South Sudan


Bridge Consult was engaged as the residential coordinator for Oil for the Development petroleum sector program in South Sudan and managed the implementation of the institutional capacity building program between the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in Norway and the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining (MPM) in South Sudan. 


Client: CCOP/NPD

Period:  2012

End review of the EPPM (Enhancing Public Petroleum Management) program 


The review assessed the implementation of the EEPM program implemented by the Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programmes in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP).  The review determined to what extent the program outcome and impact fulfilled the program purpose and goal.  The review included detailed interviews key stakeholders in SE Asia.  The review also assessed the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the program.


Client: PEPD/NPD

Period:  2015

Strategic programs for enhancing national content in the petroleum sector.


The Government of Uganda has a clear ambition reflected in the petroleum policy and legal framework, to increase the use of the Ugandan workforce, goods and services in the petroleum sector. The objective of the project was to develop a set of strategic programs with timelines and resource requirements, to be used for the Government to implement their policy goal.  The recommendations were presented and discussed in broad stakeholder meetings.

South Sudan

Client: MPM/NPD

Period:  2010

Development of Petroleum Policy for South Sudan



The Government of South Sudan requested a separate petroleum policy to be prepared prior to the referendum on independence in 2011. The project objective was to facilitate the development of this policy through an active stakeholder participation and dialogue. The work sessions concluded on a content of the policy document and reviewed and discussed more than 30 key policy issues to be reflected in the document.